Manufacturing company "Arago" - active participant in the market for spare parts and accessories for cars.

The company started it's work in 2016, using the innovative and scientific potential of professional for a successful star

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Arago Company

Today the company successfully sells its products on the Russian market. The assortment of goods is promoted under the registered trademarks Arago in all federal districts of Russia.

Goals and objectives

As a manufacturer in the field of automotive goods, “Arago” conducts marketing and expert research. Responding to market demands, the company solves the following goals:

  • Research of consumer trends in key activity segments

  • Production of superb quality goods, that are in high demand

  • Creation and introduction to the world market of goods leading their market segments in several key parameters

  • Achievement of maximum effectiveness in cooperation with partners, distributors and end users

Company mission

Achieve leading positions in the market for commercial and other vehicles, fulfilling the demand for quality goods.

Company’s assets include – warehouses of finished products in Republic of Tatarstan and a team of experienced specialists, with anadvanced marketing policy. To support the best conditions for deliveries, the company cooperates with the largest transportation and logistics providers, guaranteeing delivery into any area of the world.
The goods are produced in Russia with heavy monitoring of specialists. The company’s production partners use high-tech European equipment along with a modern testing laboratory, which allows the company to present consumers with superb world-class quality goods. All items produced under the Arago brand correspond with all quality standards adopted in Russia and the EU.

Quality control

Our company pays special attention to quality control of our products. In our relations with customers, we focus on long-term partnerships, which is why our company has developed a number of activities to provide our customers with only high-quality goods.


We managed to achieve high results in product quality issues through:

Modern technical equipment in the department, systematic training of personnel to allow us to supply goods of exceptionally high quality.

Input control of quality of goods

Already at the stage of receipt of raw materials, our experts ensure the control of all delivered products to the warehouse. Raw materials are tested directly in the company's warehouse by special methods based on regulatory documentation.

Quality control in the production process

At this stage, compliance with technological production regimes, rejection of substandard goods is controlled, interim tests of raw materials and finished products are made.

Quality control of goods held in storage

Control over storage conditions, product placement is carried out, negative influence of the environment and other factors on product quality is analysed and excluded.

Output quality control

This phase involves monitoring compliance with the rules for loading vehicles.